Discipline & single parenting

My daughter is 9. She has the attitude of a 15 year old. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a total moody & rude little moo all the time, in fact she can be one of the loveliest, thoughtful and kind kids ever!

Today has been one of the not-so-good days though.. she has been in a foul mood and has taken every opportunity to wind me up, ignore me or answer me back. I do my best to discipline her, tell her the behaviour is unacceptable etc but it really does nothing to stop the attitude. I partly wonder if it’s her hormones starting up before she hits puberty, is it the hormones creating this mini teenager?! Perhaps it’s just part of her personality?! (I’m hoping it’s not the latter).

The most difficult thing about dealing with this teenage attitude is that i’m dealing with it totally alone. I have virtually no support network and nobody to help when it comes to problems with my daughter. This makes disciplining my daughter even more difficult as it becomes a one-on-one battle between the both of us and I get seen as the big bad mum at the end of it all. If other people were able to step in or have a word with her about her attitude then maybe she would know that it’s not just me against her, me being mean to her or just telling her off for the sake of it. Perhaps she would then understand that her attitude toward me is unacceptable in general, not just unacceptable to me!

Is this just how it is as a single parent, is disciplining actually harder for us? I’d love to hear your opinions!

2 thoughts on “Discipline & single parenting

  1. –“I have virtually no support network and nobody to help when it comes to problems with my daughter. ”

    Yup, you have just described my life. My son is actually 13 now but wow this is exactly the way it goes. Sometimes we are perfectly fine but that stinky attitude just creeps up and I’m left being the only one to discipline and it’s a back and forth battle, as you described. What I do when the mouthin starts…I stare at him and just leave the room and go to mine, telling him I do not want to be near him at the moment and we are taking a break. I swear, each time I do this, he returns with apologies and hugs. But I feel ya….I’ve been doing this parenting thing alone since my kid was 2 months old….never dated again, no brothers to offer a man’s point of view. I only got help from a mother and sister, but that was hard and a whole other story in itself.


    • Thank you for your reply!
      It’s tough and tiring dealing with their attitudes isn’t it.
      I like your idea of just leaving the room and having that break though, It seems to work well for you as your son realises he has done wrong and apologises. I’m defo going to be trying this out for myself… I’ll be writing about how it goes!

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